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Amazon prime phone number Service

Amazon prime phone number Service

As being an online shopper, the name of amazon comes at first priority because of their outstanding services and competitive prices. It is one of the most reliable sources of online shopping and the services of amazon are spread through more than 200 countries across whole world. You can get almost anything from this online retail shopping website. The delivery network of amazon is much wider than any other e commerce website in India that is why most of the people prefer its services. For the express delivery of a product, the amazon prime customer service number is also availed by company. A dedicate application for all mobile platforms and their official website is available on internet as a channel of purchasing. Just add any desired product in your virtual shopping cart and place order by providing your address.

The prime member service of amazon was launched in India last year and it become popular right after its launching. To promote this service, the company offered 6 months free trial for its existing customers so that they can experience the quality of service and decide for its further acceptance. It is beneficial for those customers who are the regular users and order their products in bulk for further sale. Currently amazon is offering 30 days free trial as a prime member to avail the express delivery service and much more exciting stuff. The additional services provided for prime members are free access through:-

  • Movies
  • TV channels
  • Kindle books
  • Ad free music listening
  • Unlimited photo storage space

More than 50 million items are available as prime service delivery so you can have a huge number of options to choose.

amazon prime customer


Amazon customer service

You may contact amazon prime phone number service regarding make any changes to your existing account or manage the services which are listed below:-

  • Tracking the package and edit or cancel the order
  • Return and replace of item or refund policy
  • Manage your current address of delivery
  • Manage prime services of free and fast delivery, video streaming and early access through various deals
  • Setting of payment modes such as editing of debit or credit card information
  • Change your account password or email address.


Terms and conditions by amazon prime

Trial membership: Amazon provides trial offer for customers to experience the quality of prime service. After the completion of free trial period, customer have to pay a certain amount of money to continue the prime services.

Fees: The fees of membership may vary on the basis of duration and place. But once the fees is paid, it is non refundable and you cannot claim it back. Credit or debit cards outside India will not be accepted for any kind of shopping attempt through prime membership.

Cancellation of prime membership: The customer service amazing prime offers you cancellation policy son that you can cancel your membership anytime by visiting your account. If cancellation is done within 3 working days of payment for prime membership, then the full membership fee will be refunded. But this point will be valid only if you didn’t make any purchase.